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KRS Changes Name to Ignite Retail Technology

KRS, a trusted industry leader in integrated enterprise software solutions to the convenience, petroleum, and restaurant industries, is excited to announce they are changing their name to Ignite Retail Technology on September 25th to signal a broadened focus on their expanded retail platform.

The rebrand has been led by branding visionary and Ignite’s Chief Marketing Officer Ernie Harker, who is credited for transforming Maverik’s country store brand into the highly successful adventure themed brand it is today.

“Why ‘Ignite?’ Great question!” Harker said. “There’s a moment before a rocket takes off when a shower of sparks ignites booster fuel– instantly releasing the rocket’s full potential and propelling it into space. We changed our name to Ignite to remind our customers that, like launching a rocket, we use intelligent technology to release their full business potential. We even call our home office “Mission Control” because our mission is to ignite our retailers’ revenue and cut down expenses by providing powerful and intelligent retail tools. The Ignite brand is going to be, literally, a blast!”

“For over 23 years, KRS has been known for our fantastic KickBack Loyalty Rewards product, our unsurpassed data analysis and a driving force behind the convenience store industry’s push to establish retail technology standards,” said Pat Lewis, Founder and CEO of Ignite Retail Technology. “But over the past decade, we’ve been hard at work building something even more incredible – the industry’s most integrated platform of smart retail solutions. When these solutions are used together, they create something that’s out of this world: The Ignite Retail Operating System (IROS). Our next-generation platform furthers our purpose to meet the needs of retailers of every size on their terms. It’s the central theme to everything we do.”

The IROS ecosystem includes:

  • Epiphany This is the neurocenter and brains of the business. Using modern technology like AWS Data Lakehouse and business intelligence tools, Epiphany aggregates all of your retail and industry business data into one central location that is easy to understand and access in real time
  • Command Center Dramatically increase the efficiency of your human resources while lowering operational costs by feeding actionable information powered by Epiphany to employees at every level on a visual, interactive dashboard.
  • Profit Central This is a full-featured system that perfects back-office accounting and pricing across the entire company.
  • Launch Mobile App Platform Our platform for engaging with retail customers through mobile apps, offering loyalty programs, mobile payments, and more.
  • Transmit Mobile Ordering Make it easy for your customer to order from their phones for pickup or delivery using our mobile ordering platform that can be seamlessly integrated into mobile apps and websites.
  • Ignite Loyalty Engine. Our super popular loyalty platform that works with various systems, like POS, mobile apps, and websites, giving retailers the ultimate flexibility to operate loyalty on their terms.
  • PetroCycle A robust platform designed for Wholesale Fuel accounting and management.
  • Mashgin Ignite serves as the industry’s only authorized reseller of Mashgin, the world’s fastest camera vision-enabled self checkout POS system. Save even more time and reduce labor during transactions by combining it with Command Center.
  • Ignite Client Services Ignite is committed to helping retailers extend their human resources with critical services like handling loyalty program calls from your customers, graphic design, printing, program setup and training, consulting, and more.
  • BrandLift This is the ultimate value add for retailers who like to run timely promotions. We will work with your chain to find promotions that add value to your current promos. BrandLift can also create and manage digital coupons and offers from national and local suppliers
  • SparkCognition Using your existing CCTV cameras, SparkCognition’s proven visual AI software solution unlocks real-time business intelligence and customer analytics that impact your bottom line via Ignite’s Command Center. SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor enables you to track and improve customer experience, employee productivity, safety and compliance, inventory management, and more—all while leveling up your ability to proactively detect security issues like fraud and theft.

Renee Andrew-Lewis, Director of Sales and Loyalty Consultation, for Ignite, said the company is committed to loyalty solutions, data analytics and unsurpassed service to its retail customers.

“Since this company was founded in 1999, our goal has always been to put the retailers we serve first and deliver the most effective loyalty Solutions available anywhere in the industry,” Andrew-Lewis said. “This rebranding highlights all that we’ve accomplished and shows that the sky is the limit for this outstanding team and our award-winning retail solutions.”

John Lofstock, the former editor of Convenience Store Decisions and Executive Director of the National Advisory Group (NAG), served as a business consultant for the rebranding.

“I have watched the growth of Ignite with Pat and Renee for more than two decades. During that time, no one was more passionate about providing the best technology solutions in the convenience store industry,” Lofstock said. “Since the day I joined this company I continue to be impressed by the company’s passion, dedication and commitment to excellence. This rebranding highlights our primary mission to serve retailers on their terms. I am proud to work with a family-owned business with whom I share these values.”

Retailers interested in learning more about Ignite Retail Technology exciting new mission at The NACS Show in Atlanta. Visit our Mission Control at booth B3621